White House Prohibits Official Travel to Fossil Fuel Conferences

White House Prohibits Official Travel to Fossil Fuel Conferences

October 2, 2023

The Biden Administration is prohibiting senior officials from traveling for international energy engagements that don’t promote their green narrative. An internal Department of Energy (DOE) memo to agency staff revealed that the White House National Security Council (NSC) forbids staff from traveling to engagements promoting carbon-intensive fuels, including oil, natural gas and coal.

Fox News obtained the DOE memo and reports, 

“This guidance sets out a presumption that agencies and departments will pursue international energy engagement that advances clean energy projects,” Turk wrote in the memo. “It also outlines a process for seeking limited exceptions to pursue carbon-intensive engagements on a justified geostrategic imperative or energy-for-development/energy access basis…The guidance rules out any U.S. Government ‘engagement related to unabated or partially abated coal generation,’” he continued. “Carbon-intensive international energy engagements are those ‘directly related and dedicated to the production, transportation, or consumption of carbon-intensive fuels that would lead to additional greenhouse gas emissions.'”

The memo also revealed that these guidelines have been in place since November 2021. The policies have now been updated to say agencies must submit justification to the NSC to attend energy engagements promoting carbon-intensive fuels. 

Power The Future Founder Daniel Turner slams the Biden Administration’s hypocrisy, 

“We need no further evidence that the Biden Administration has declared war on American Energy then this egregious memo which treats the fossil fuel industry like an enemy.  While this administration pursues accords with Iran and begs Venezuela for oil, the industry which powers our entire economy is treated like a pariah.”

“Despite hundreds of billions in subsidies and government mandates, the green industry cannot even power a photo op for Secretary Granholm without fossil fuels coming to the rescue.  In a few short weeks, hundreds of Biden Administration officials will fly to Dubai for yet another climate summit and they will have no problem justifying the enormous carbon footprint. I call upon them to at least be intellectually consistent and honest: if DOE officials are prohibited from attending events with fossil fuels, then they should be prohibited from using fossil fuels to attend their climate conferences.”

“All of us are paying more for everything while at the same time Biden and his senior officials have no problem jetting all over the world to elitist green junkets. The fact the Biden Administration tried to hide this memo from working families proves they know their Green New Deal agenda is nothing but a colossal failure.”