What Else Is the Biden Administration Hiding?

What Else Is the Biden Administration Hiding?

June 25, 2024

The Biden administration and the eco-left would have you believe that Biden has approved more oil and gas permits than the previous administration. However, their own internal documents show that the Biden administration approved more than 1,000 fewer oil permits in its first three years than the Trump administration did in the same timeframe. 

The Washington Free Beacon compared public and nonpublic documents to uncover this discrepancy,  

“The nonpublic documents, shared with the House Natural Resources Committee by the Interior Department and reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, indicate the Trump administration approved far more drilling permits than Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) online database gives it credit for. And it represents the latest example of the Biden administration appearing to publish inaccurate data that have, in turn, been used as evidence of it being friendlier than expected to the oil and gas industry.”

During Biden’s campaign, he promised to end fossil fuels and now tries to change the narrative to say he is allowing more oil and gas permits, 

“From the beginning, the Biden administration has waged a war on domestic energy producers. Despite claims to the contrary, his administration has not permitted more oil and gas drilling permits than the previous administration,” a House Natural Resources Committee spokesman told the Free Beacon. “Despite having the worst leasing records in U.S. history, the Department of the Interior has attempted to take credit for record oil and gas production which is occurring on lands leased under previous administrations.” “Even more unsettling, the Department is providing different data to journalists than to Congress,” the spokesman continued. “These kinds of discrepancies are troubling, but like a bad ex-boyfriend, this administration continues to gaslight and mislead the public for their own political gain.”

These actions by the Biden administration raise serious questions about their transparency and respect for the American people. If they can hide something as significant as approved oil and gas permits, it begs the question: what else could this administration be hiding from us?