We’re All Environmentalists in Alaska

We’re All Environmentalists in Alaska

May 14, 2019

Alaska – the name itself is derived from the Aleut word “Alyeska”, which translates to “The Great Land.”

With natural splendor across its more than 365 million acres, the 737 thousand people who live here marvel at the natural backdrops we open our eyes to each and every day.

Alaskans get a chance to take in scenery that is on nearly everyone’s bucket lists – the mountains, rivers, lakes, meadows and shorelines bringing us within a stone’s throw of some of the world’s greatest natural wonders, as well as fish, foul and other wildlife that most will only see in magazines and online collaborations of photos and videos.

With that beauty so abundant, so accessible and so critical to our way of life, why would anyone want to purposely do harm to it?

Here’s a quick, firm answer.  They wouldn’t.

The environmental extremist movement has attacked those who advocate for a balanced approach between the responsible development of Alaska’s abundant natural resources and environmental stewardship.  They’ve tried to take the word “environmentalist” and make it unique to the anti-development crowd.  They’ve attempted to override all Alaskans’ desire to keep Alaska beautiful by vilifying projects and prospects that could help advance even “greener” energy prospects.

Alaskans and companies doing business in our great state are concerned with safe, responsible stewardship of our lands and water.

It’s time to take the rhetoric from the extremists and dismiss it entirely.  Alaskans – and those companies doing business in Alaska – are all concerned with keeping Alaska’s beauty intact.  Ultimately, we’re all environmentalists.