“Weather Doesn’t Equal Climate”…Until it Helps the Eco-Left’s Message

“Weather Doesn’t Equal Climate”…Until it Helps the Eco-Left’s Message

August 4, 2023

The last two weeks notwithstanding, it has been a lackluster summer so far throughout most of Alaska, with temperatures throughout the state below normal levels for May, June and early July.  That came on the heels of a longer, wetter winter season that had Alaskans pleading for a beautiful summer, with plenty of sun and warmth.

But don’t tell that to the extremists who, on one hand, say that weather has nothing to do with climate, but on the other hand, say that extreme weather is a direct result of the climate crisis.

That nonsensical approach to correlations between weather and climate should disqualify any eco-zealot from having a platform to spout their warnings about a so-called ‘burning planet’, yet, the mainstream media still regularly parrot their talking points.

On July 19, Alaska Public Mediaran a story on how Anchorage’s summer had been wetter and cooler, acknowledging our point above.  But then, nine days later, the Washington Post’s cries of Alaska facing ‘exceptional heat’ tried to paint the summer’s temperatures, thunderstorm activity and fire season as atypical and caused by climate change.

Atypical, it has definitely been.  Colder, wetter, fewer fires and thunderstorms and a more temperate summer than average.
But that doesn’t fit the “the Arctic is warming four times faster than anywhere” narrative being thrown about by eco extremists, who must create media stories to continue the fear-over-facts doomsday cries.

Here’s a thought: try telling the truth.  People appreciate it when they hear, read and see the truth.  To that, here’s a point of truth: There is no climate crisis.  Selling the world on anything else is just telling them a lie