Voters Reject Biden’s TRILLION Dollar Climate Bribe

Voters Reject Biden’s TRILLION Dollar Climate Bribe

April 9, 2024

It seems President Biden is getting desperate as November draws closer. The incumbent president’s campaign is promoting the fact that his administration is spending 1 trillion dollars to fight climate change, even though polls show that voters do not care—especially in all-important swing states.

The Wall Street Journal reports, 

“A Journal poll, which surveyed voters in seven swing states in March, found that just 3% of 18-to-34-year-old voters named climate change as their top issue, with most citing the economy, inflation or immigration. That is roughly in line with voters of all ages, 2% of whom cited climate change as their top issue. Other polls show that young people are more likely than older voters to say addressing climate change is important, even if many don’t name it as their top priority.”

The campaign is even leaning on private eco-left groups to promote the message, 

“Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending $200 million to help cities and towns access their share of the federal clean-energy funding. A group called Invest in Our Future has about $240 million in funding commitments from organizations including Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy and the Rockefeller Foundation for similar initiatives. The League of Conservation Voters’ super PAC and affiliated groups plan to spend $120 million this election cycle, the largest investment in the group’s history.”

The fact that this administration would spend such an enormous amount of money on an issue that is clearly not important to the American people shows how out of touch they are. Americans are dealing with record-high inflation and are worried about the economy, but instead, Biden wants to waste government resources on “climate change.”