Vermont’s Climate Cash Grab

Vermont’s Climate Cash Grab

June 4, 2024

Just when you think you have seen it all, the eco-left finds a new way to enforce its policies on us. Most recently, Vermont became the first state to pass a law requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a share of damage caused by what they claim is “climate change” damage after storms last summer.

AP News reports, 

“Last July’s flooding from torrential rains inundated Vermont’s capital city of Montpelier, the nearby city Barre, some southern Vermont communities and ripped through homes and washed away roads around the rural state. Some saw it as the state’s worst natural disaster since a 1927 flood that killed dozens of people and caused widespread destruction.

This is a dangerous precedent to set, and one that shows the green movement will do anything for a cash grab. Power The Future Founder Daniel Turner slams the climate movement,

“For those fretting about alleged quid pro quos, pay close attention to recent events in Vermont where the climate movement has shown they are interested in extorting cash above all else. Unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats will rush to define any element of the weather as damaging because they know they can shakedown private industry for more cash. It’s clear the only green the climate movement will ever care about is money.”