Unless You’re Anti-Alaska, AIDEA is Good for Our State

Unless You’re Anti-Alaska, AIDEA is Good for Our State

November 28, 2022

The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority, also known as AIDEA, has seen itself under fire recently.  From lawsuits from disgruntled former employees to resignations of top executives and the associated mainstream media assumptions on why the resignations happened, the agency charged with driving Alaska’s economic development has been forced to defend its mission, actions and investments.

Power The Future is a fan of AIDEA, and finds the fact it is under attack a perfect example of everything that is wrong with giving ear and voice to organizations looking to dim Alaska’s future.  The loudest voices against AIDEA?  The radical, lock-up-Alaska voices from the largest ENGOs in the state, coupled with anti-development ideologues from the Continental U.S.

Why target AIDEA?  It is simple: they’ve been the leading group championing the creation of thousands of good-paying jobs in resource development, with its direct investment and leadership activities on the Ambler mining district’s access road, the West Susitna access project, and its successful bids on lease tracts in ANWR’s 10-02 area in late 2020.

Regardless of what the eco-left says, each of those projects can be successfully undertaken under the strictest environmental guidelines, and provide the U.S. with roads to resources, at least a generations’ worth of state, local and federal royalties, and the aforementioned massive job creation.

The next time an ENGO challenges AIDEA’s mission should be one time too many.  AIDEA is an economic stalwart for the state, is led by a board comprised of some of the brightest business minds in the state, and is leading Alaska to an even brighter future with its actions.

Keep up the good work, AIDEA.  We at Power The Future appreciate and applaud your efforts.