Unless Under China’s Thumb, America Can’t “Go Green” Without Alaska’s Mineral Abundance

Unless Under China’s Thumb, America Can’t “Go Green” Without Alaska’s Mineral Abundance

April 30, 2021

Anyone paying attention to the Biden administration’s hell-bent push toward “green” energy and away from traditional sources of coal, oil and gas might be a bit frustrated by now.

After all, “going green” is a long-term process that this administration somehow thinks can be done in less than 15 years.  “Going green” doesn’t – or shouldn’t – mean abruptly ending jobs for hundreds of thousands of families across our great nation.  When people talk about “going green”, most don’t envision policies that damage the United States’ standing in the world.

All of those scenarios are playing out with the ‘leadership team’ in Biden’s White House.

From cutting emissions by 50% before 2025 to shuttering traditional energy projects from coast to coast, to a pipe-dream of ending Chinese manufacturing dominance, Biden and his team are counting on Americans to either not pay attention or subject themselves to increased government regulation and authority.

But one place where Biden’s agenda can actually increase jobs, build American wealth and bring much-needed mineral development to America is in Alaska.

Aside from the six major working mines throughout the state, there are deposits in the exploration or permitting processes that would provide a large number of critical minerals, rare earth elements or minerals necessary for “going green.”  These deposits would bring much-needed jobs to nearly every corner of Alaska, and make a solid addition to our state’s employment, economy and future.

The question is: Will the environmentalists who are entrenched in the administration, and whose influence is outsized throughout the key departments of Interior, Energy, Transportation and the Environmental Protection Association, allow American mining to flourish in the Great Land?

For all of the above reasons, let’s hope so.  Otherwise, “going green” will end up providing even more dark days for America’s energy community.