United Nations Hosts Climate Change Summit in New York

United Nations Hosts Climate Change Summit in New York

September 21, 2023

This week was climate week in New York City, and there was no shortage of theatrics from the eco-left. On Sunday, thousands of protestors marched through the streets, calling on Biden to end the use of fossil fuels.

The Hill reports,

“Tens of thousands of protestors kicked off a march Sunday in New York City, advocating for an end to fossil fuels while calling on President Biden to declare a climate emergency. 

Hundreds of organizations, climate advocates, actors and political leaders attended the March to End Fossil Fuels ahead of New York’s Climate Week, which coincides with a special United Nations summit Wednesday focused on the climate crisis.” 

But the drama did not stop there. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had some colorful language during his opening remarks for the Sustainable Development Goals Summit. Fox News reports, 

‘”Our focus here is on climate solutions — and our task is urgent. Humanity has opened the gates of hell,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in his opening remarks Wednesday. “Horrendous heat is having horrendous effects. Distraught farmers watching crops carried away by floods; Sweltering temperatures spawning disease; And thousands fleeing in fear as historic fires rage. Climate action is dwarfed by the scale of the challenge…The move from fossil fuels to renewables is happening – but we are decades behind,” he continued. “We must make up time lost to foot-dragging, arm-twisting and the naked greed of entrenched interests raking in billions from fossil fuels.”’

Of course, no one stopped to think about the amount of fossil fuels it takes to make summits like this occur. Leaders from across the globe flew into NYC, and gas-powered SUV motorcades filled the streets. Incredibly, no one thought about virtual meetings. It just goes to show the hypocrisy of the eco-left never ends.