Trump’s UN Speech Should Excite Alaskans

Trump’s UN Speech Should Excite Alaskans

September 22, 2020

When President Trump gave his speech to the United Nations today, he didn’t mince words on China, emphasizing it isn’t a friend to the US.

Trump blasted China for unleashing COVID-19 on the world, as well as its environmental record, its willful disdain for international law, its illegal fishing techniques and more.

For Alaskans working in resource development industries, strong remarks like these should help continue to advance the President’s “America First” mission.  American jobs – especially in resource development – are front and center to the Trump Administration.  This will continue to play out in ways benefitting Alaskan families and our economy.

Power The Future appreciates the President’s strong stances on American economic opportunities, as well as holding China accountable for its calculated missteps on human, economic and environmental standards.