Trump: There Will Be No Politics in Pebble Decision

Trump: There Will Be No Politics in Pebble Decision

September 18, 2020

Sometimes, a tweet is nuanced.  Sometimes, a tweet is a declaration. 

President Trump’s tweet late Wednesday evening was a direct shot across the bow of those so-called conservatives who have joined the eco-Left in a last-ditch assault on Alaska’s Pebble Project.

The President left zero doubt that the NEPA process – and not political pressure – would be the deciding factor on the finalization of the federal permit to build Pebble, a massive copper/gold/molybdenum/rhenium mine in southwest Alaska.

With that simple tweet, the President thwarted the efforts of those pushing a false narrative of fear that the mine would somehow decimate the world-class salmon returns in Bristol Bay.

The US Army Corps of Engineers’ rigorous efforts under the NEPA process led to unequivocal findings that the mine and fish would co-exist without threat; just as mines do currently in close proximity to anadromous bodies of water throughout Alaska.

With a final mitigation plan due to the Corps from the Pebble Partnership shortly, there is renewed hope that a final “Record of Decision” will be issued before year-end.  From there, Pebble will need to navigate Alaska state permitting processes – estimated to take between 2-3 years – before final approval of the mine plan would be issued.

For those – including Power The Future – who have advocated for the mine, the President’s tweet was welcomed news.  Science – and not fear – should rule the decision-making process on development projects.  Kudos to President Trump for continuing his mission to drive jobs to America, build American energy (and mineral) independence and dominance, and work within the regulatory process, instead of subverting it due to the whims of a vocal minority.