Trump Paves Way for Energy Jobs in California

Trump Paves Way for Energy Jobs in California

October 7, 2019

In all the media hysteria, some good news came out of Washington this weekend.

The Trump Administration announced Friday it was opening 720,000 acres in California to oil and gas lease sales, a move that will provide huge benefits to the economy and nearby residents.

The Bureau of Land Management said in a release announcing the decision that they estimate “the oil and gas industry on private and public lands directly supports approximately 3,000 jobs and $620 million in tax revenue within the Central Coast Field Office jurisdiction.”

That is a huge economic benefit to the hardworking energy workers in the region, not to mention the local firefighters, schools and infrastructure that will benefit from the added tax revenue.

Environmentalists are already raising the alarm, as usual, but for the average Americans who care about jobs, schools and a better future, President Trump has delivered a win.