Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-era Rule to Bring Relief to the Coal Industry

Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-era Rule to Bring Relief to the Coal Industry

September 3, 2020

On Monday, the Trump administration rolled back a 2015 Obama-era regulation on how coal plants were to treat wastewater. The deregulation serves as necessary relief to the coal industry and could help the industry bounce back from the recent troubling months.

The Washington Post reports:

“A senior EPA official on Monday said the updated rule would save the coal industry $140 million each year, and the agency estimated that the change would still reduce pollution by 1 million pounds annually compared to the 2015 rule because some plants would voluntarily adopt stricter controls than what the agency requires.”

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler said, “That the final rule’s ‘flexible, phased-in’ approach would make it easier for the coal industry to comply while also protecting the environment.”

Some environmental groups have expressed concerns but as Wheeler explained, “Newer, more affordable pollution control technologies and flexibility on the regulation’s phase-in will reduce pollution and save jobs at the same time.”

Meaning with greater technological advances and the current administrations help, coal could be ready to make a big comeback.

Industry executives were quick to praise the new ruling. Quin Shea, Vice President for environment, natural resources and occupational safety and health at the Edison Electric Institute said, “that power companies can meet the new standards without a problem, which is key to their ability to continue providing reliable, affordable, and clean energy to U.S. homes and businesses.”

This new ruling could be exactly the push the coal industry needs to return to its glory. The current administrations dedication to helping the coal industry is unmatched and must continue to keep providing American’s with affordable and reliable energy.