Travel and Prices Soar this Memorial Day

Travel and Prices Soar this Memorial Day

May 22, 2024

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is projecting that “nearly 44 million” Americans will travel more than 50 miles this Memorial Day. As gas prices continue to rise as a result of the mismanagement of the Biden Administration, millions of American families will feel the effects of his policies at the pump. 

Ironically, this week, President Biden has released a million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserves in an attempt to “lower prices at the pump for American families.” Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power the Future, took to Twitter to express his discontent, calling this decision out for what it really is, 

“We have oil reserves for a reason, and buying votes is not what they are for.”

As a result of Biden’s mismanagement, Memorial Day gas prices have averaged $3.74, a whole dollar and twenty cents more than the average of $2.54 under the previous administration. The Twitter account Biden Gas Prices updates the comparison weekly.

Amidst these policy distractions, it is crucial to remember the true essence of Memorial Day. As you embark on your journey to spend time with family, try not to let the price at the pump and the questionable policymaking under the current administration overshadow the importance of this day. Let us honor and remember those who selflessly gave their lives to defend our freedoms.