Tone-Deaf Gov Jay Inslee Insults Washington Voters Who Rejected Green Agenda

Tone-Deaf Gov Jay Inslee Insults Washington Voters Who Rejected Green Agenda

December 11, 2018

Last month, voters in Washington state overwhelmingly rejected a radical green agenda at the ballot box, opposing a plan to implement a carbon tax by a double-digit margin. The tax previously failed to pass the state’s Democratic legislature, and it was the second time such a proposal failed at the ballot box.

But now that Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee seems to be preparing a bid for President, he’s decided to ignore the will of the voters and double down on the green agenda anyway.

The Associated Press reports that Inslee “wants to elevate climate change as a central issue in the next presidential election,” and is proposing “an ambitious package of legislation to tackle climate change, including eliminating fossil fuels like natural gas and coal from the state’s electricity supply by 2045.”

Ambitious? More like insulting.

Voters have repeatedly weighed in on the radical green agenda, and they’ve said they want no part of it. While Inslee has not yet included an explicit carbon tax in his latest proposal, his plan would have a similar effect. By mandating “100 percent clean energy,” Inslee would force families to pay higher electric bills. Renewable mandates similar to Inslee’s could actually double electric bills, hitting low-income families the hardest.

In other words, it’s a tax by another name.

Governor Jay Inslee is either completely tone-deaf to the will of his voters, or he thinks brandishing his liberal credentials ahead of a run for president is more important than listening to the people of his state. Either way, it’s not a good look for Jay Inslee.