Tom Steyer’s Eco-Extremist Message Not Resonating

Tom Steyer’s Eco-Extremist Message Not Resonating

August 7, 2019

Billionaire Tom Steyer jumped into the 2020 Presidential race last month, pledging to spend $100 million on his campaign.

So far, it seems Steyer’s far-left environmental ideas aren’t catching on.

Despite spending millions in cash, and “crushing” the field on Facebook ads – Steyer failed to make the last series of Presidential debates. And he’s barely registering in the polls. Florida Politics reports that Steyer is at one percent nationally.

Why aren’t Steyer’s ideas catching? It’s likely because his eco-message is unpopular and flawed.

Steyer has a history of supporting extreme eco-measures, such as carbon taxes in Washington state and a renewable energy mandate in Arizona that would have cost jobs and raised energy prices on working families. These Steyer-backed initiatives failed miserably at the ballot box.

As Washington Governor Jay Inslee has proved, even leftists aren’t clamoring for an eco-warrior with a single-minded focus on decimating the energy industry. There’s no need, since nearly every 2020 candidate, from Joe Biden on one end all the way to Elizabeth Warren on the other, backs the “Green New Deal.”

No matter who the left rallies behind, they’ve moved to the extreme on the environment. Tom Steyer isn’t offering Americans anything beside more job-killing environmental extremism.