Tom Steyer Will Abandon Democracy To Force His Eco-Agenda

Tom Steyer Will Abandon Democracy To Force His Eco-Agenda

July 26, 2019

Eco-billionaire and now 2020 Presidential candidate Tom Steyer is pledging to abandon democracy and force through his eco-agenda without Congress if he becomes president, according to his own comments yesterday as he rolled out his new climate plan.

Steyer has worked for years to influence elections – in 2016, he was the largest individual Democrat donor, pouring $91.1 million into various left-wing causes and candidates. In 2018, he spent over $22 million on failed eco-ballot initiatives in Arizona and Washington.

From “Need to Impeach” to a carbon tax in Washington State to costly eco-mandates in Arizona, nearly every Tom Steyer campaign has failed. Now, it seems, he’s willing to abandon democracy for the cause.

Yesterday, Steyer rolled out his eco-plan for his presidential campaign, and it was about as extreme as you might expect. As the Washington Examiner reports, Steyer “aims for the U.S. to cut ‘fossil fuel pollution’ from all economic sectors to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across the entire economy by 2045, a faster timeline than major Democratic candidates have proposed other than Jay Inslee, who has set the same date.”

A study out this week from the Heritage foundation estimated that a similar plan along these lines could cost over 1.1 million jobs per year.

But unlike other candidates, Steyer is pledging to force this job-destruction through even if Congress – the people’s voice in government – says no.

The Washington Examiner reports that “Steyer also promises to use ‘emergency powers’ to counter climate change if Congress does not enact his agenda, ‘just as I would use those powers to protect our country from a hostile military invasion.’”

Tom Steyer is promising nothing short of abandoning the Constitution here. He even has the audacity to call this a “Justice-Centered” plan.

There is no justice in rejecting the constitution and our democracy.