This Weekend, Celebrate and Thank an Energy Worker in Your State

This Weekend, Celebrate and Thank an Energy Worker in Your State

July 2, 2021

Last year, July 4th didn’t seem all that celebratory.  Even though Alaska was less locked-down than many states, and even though we have truly rural areas where we could ‘social distance’ while enjoying time with family, the typical festivities in 2020 were missing.

Now that we’re here in 2021, with COVID largely a thing of the past in Alaska, it is time to celebrate!  We’ll see crowds in rivers, fishing for species that taste amazing on the BBQ. We’ll see runners in Seward climbing up and skittering down Mount Marathon, making their own history in a race that started its annual tradition in 1915.  We’ll see private aircraft crisscrossing the air, on their way to remote beaches, trails and memories.

No matter what our Alaskan families or yours are doing this weekend, it most likely wouldn’t be possible without energy workers.  After all, they’ve drilled the oil and gas that powers our engines, mined the materials that enable our electronics, refined petroleum products and provided the plastics and rubber that, when manufactured, are a part of so many components of our weekends.

It is my sincere hope that we LET FREEDOM RING this weekend, celebrate our country’s 245th birthday, and stay safe while doing so.  While we’re raising a toast to America, let’s add a second to the men and women in energy, who have powered our past, power our present, and will power our future as well.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!