This Is Who We Fight For

This Is Who We Fight For

July 9, 2020

I get a lot of email. Whether it’s a quick note or hate mail or a death threat (curious to have a person who loves the earth so much telly you he wants to kill you… not much love there!) I read it all and reply when I can.  And today I got this one.  I’ve asked the sender if I can share it, and the only thing I’ve edited is some personal stuff to protect identities.  Please read it:

“Mr Turner, is the oilfield as we knew it gone? I know my job is. Is it going to return? I can’t support my family on the $15 a hour they want to give fast food workers. Kid in college, stepdaughter with 4 kids, disabled wife after she worked as a nurse for over 30 years. And I loose the job to the failure of my country, my representatives, to protect it. Life is good, then, my government fails to lift a finger to protect my industry from foul play by foreign contries. Price fixing, intentionally driving down price till fracking isnt profitable. The number one oil and gas producer in the world. USA! I’m proud to be a part of it.  I just want to support my family. I don’t want to be rich or wealthy or top 25%. Just in the middle. I just want my grandbabies to be middle class, middle income and have a chance in this world. That’s gone. I want my job back.”

Many looked at Russia/Saudi Arabia oil dumping from a globalist’s perspective. When Power The Future called for tariffs and boycotts on foreign oil, we received emails from angry executives warning us not to tinker with “market forces”.  Yet this is the consequence of not protecting America’s industry.  He is the consequences.  His family.  His livelihood.  His dignity.  

Power The Future was started because decision makers in DC and power broker billionaires like Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg get to play with the industry.  Green New this and No More that.  They march around with signs and pledges demanding fossil fuels do X or Y.  But they’ve never met this person.  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders haven’t gone to the old oil patch where people made good money and provided for their families and communities and are now unemployed.  They haven’t sat down with workers who are victims of DC’s political games.  

It’s because of this person we exist.  And because of this person, we keep fighting.  And every green ideologue, whether in a rich non-profit or an activist judge, should know that Power The Future will not stop fighting until the end.  

-Daniel Turner

Founder and Executive Director