The United States Needs the Oil and Gas Industry

The United States Needs the Oil and Gas Industry

May 21, 2021

This week the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association held its spring meeting. This year’s theme was “changing the narrative in energy perception and policy.” The oil and gas industry is something the entire United States depends on, and the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association helped remind us just how important the industry is to all Americans.

Dan Weaver who is the president and executive director of the Marshall-based trade group, which represents oil and gas producers in the region, spoke at the meeting and discussed how petroleum helps run day-to-day operations people rely on.

He flashed a photo of a typical hospital room, where many of the staples like the bed and the hospital gown are made from petrochemicals derived from oil and gas. “One year plus after COVID, we’re reminding people, ‘You need us. You still need us,’” Mr. Weaver said.

Most people assume the oil and gas industry just supplies fuel to our cars. This is a prime example of how we depend on the industry for so much more.  CNX Resources’ CEO Nick DeIuliis was the keynote speaker for this year’s meeting.

Mr. DeIuliis predictably went after the “elites” and “academia” in his speech and said the pursuit of renewable energy gives power to the Chinese Communist Party. China provides the vast majority of the world’s supply of rare earth minerals, which are used in the manufacturing of solar panels, but also in high tech products like smartphones and lasers.

President Biden has waged his war on the oil and gas industry since stepping into office. Continuing to introduce policies that tear down the vital industry that supports millions of American jobs, brings in billions in revenue, and ensures America’s national security.

As we stated in yesterday’s blog post:

Not only is Biden actively threatening the United States national security that was achieved through our energy independence, but he is also bolstering foreign nations who Trump went head-to-head with to gain that energy independence. Biden continues to push policies that put the U.S. in a vulnerable position on the world scale, while hurting American citizens in the process.