The Un-American Environmental Movement

The Un-American Environmental Movement

July 19, 2018

After the historic Helsinki meeting between President Trump and Russian President Putin, the first question at the press conference was about energy. Previously President Trump has claimed Germany was “totally owned” by Russians because of their dependence on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline supplying Germany with Russian natural gas. We wrote about that here. When discussion arose about the United States supplying Germany with natural gas instead, a reporter reminded President Trump that during the previous winter, Boston was forced to buy gas from Russia. The implication was clear: the US cannot even satisfy its own domestic energy needs, so how could it possibly export to allies like Germany?

Perception is not reality.

The US has plenty of domestic energy, but the Northeast is buying gas from Russia for one specific reason: radical green groups. For years these groups have successfully blocked all efforts to bring natural gas from the nearby Marcellus Shale region, and New York State, which has abundant natural gas, has a complete ban on exploration thanks to the shortsightedness of their governor Andrew Cuomo.

Groups like and Sierra Club take pride in these lawsuits, but what is the result? They are threefold:

1.     Residents of the area paid the highest in the nation for home heating

2.     The region’s power grid is at risk of complete collapse 

3.    The “carbon footprint” of importing natural gas is actually greater than that of the pipeline

Looks like now we get to add a 4th consequence of these radical groups: Russian pride.

For more than 2 years the media has talked about “Russian collusion,” and now we see some hard evidence: green groups are colluding with Russia to keep Germany, and now the northeast USA, dependent on Russian energy.

Power The Future will never accept these radical groups’ premise that only they care about the earth, clean air or clean water, and that but for their activism, the world would be polluted. We are all stewards of the earth, and we are all responsible for its protection and preservation. But radical groups protesting pipeline construction in the northeast are not only making the planet dirtier, they are making the world more dangerous and hurting the poor.

That’s a hat-trick of shame, and Power The Future will always call out these groups for their hypocrisy, stupidity, and in this case, un-Americanism.