“The Trial of the Century”

“The Trial of the Century”

December 13, 2019

Earlier this week, a three-week trial came to an end. It was being built up as the trial of the century – ExxonMobil vs. the New York Attorney General. But, after promises from New York’s AG to hold Exxon accountable for climate damage, their claims were exposed as being baseless.  

The case began with three accusations against Exxon, and two of them were withdrawn before they were even ruled on. The remaining allegation was that Exxon intentionally misled investors about the impact of climate change. This allegation, similar to most having to do with the natural gas and oil industry, was ruled to be false. New York Supreme Court Justice Barry Ostrager ruled that Exxon had not misled investors and had not broken any New York laws.

Still, the New York Attorney General continued to attack Exxon. Inside Sources reports:

“The oil giant never took seriously the severe economic impact that climate change regulations would have on the company, contrary to what they were telling the public. Throughout this case, we laid out how ExxonMobil made materially false, misleading, and confusing representations to the American people about the company’s response to climate change regulations.”

Ostrager rejected this claim, stating:

“There was not a single ExxonMobil employee whose testimony the Court found to be anything other than truthful.”

This is an industry that is clearly on the rise – providing jobs for American families and revenue for the American economy. Yet, rather than embracing these positive results, those on the eco-left continue to attack the industry. Massachusetts has already filed a similar suit against Exxon – sadly, it seems as though these attacks will not be coming to an end anytime soon.