The Sad Truth of Steyerville

The Sad Truth of Steyerville

July 16, 2018

Trade publication E&E News highlighted an area of New York State that has has become a Steyerville. Across the border in neighboring Pennsylvania, the economy is booming, and with that comes higher quality of life, permanence of residency, growth of families, security for the future. But that is not the case for Tioga County. We previously highlighted neighboring Allegany County as one of our Steyerville locations, and we’re seeing the same problems in Tioga: economic misery due to environmental radicalism.

The fracking ban driven by New York’s shortsighted governor has ruined people’s lives. It’s bad enough that Cuomo, so eager for re-election, has hurt his own people — but the NY Post recently highlighted even greater economic stupidity at play in the Empire State. All this comes while Cuomo spends millions to keep politically chic (and politically agreeable) late night TV shows in New York. If only he fought so hard for the people in Steyerville.

Politicians like Andrew Cuomo are why Power The Future exists.

These politicians, with funding from people like the eponymous Tom Steyer (and Mike Bloomberg and George Soros), use their power, their money, their influence to push their political agenda when it comes to energy and environment, yet they never feel the consequences of that agenda. That burden falls on others.

Next time Cuomo takes the governor’s helicopter to see his celebrity girlfriend, he should remember the people in upstate New York left trapped in poverty so that Cuomo can appease his donor base. It’s a shame he flies right over them, without a care, without a concern, without an effort to help their condition.

Maybe Late Night TV should film from Tioga County and he’d actually care.