The Reds Behind the Greens

The Reds Behind the Greens

October 3, 2018

The green groups are spending a lot of money on elections this year- more than $100 million to elect lefty politicians who will dance to Tom Steyer’s tune.  Where does all this money come from?  There are some inconvenient facts about the green groups’ bank accounts.  What doesn’t come from Steyer or Soros or Bloomberg comes from shady places. We’ve talked about how the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)  (and Sen. Dianne Feinstein) is in the pocket of China. We made a video about it last month.

So it wasn’t a surprise that another group is being investigated by Congress for questionable funding from the communist nation.  Earth Justice, like the NRDC, seems to be pushing an agenda that undercuts America’s energy and national security interests, and advances those of a nation where human rights abuse is part of the government’s playbook.  Child labor? Check.  Slavery? Check.  Religious persecution? Check.  Sounds like a nation who funds only noble causes.  China is not America’s friend, nor is it the friend of any nation that believes in liberty and justice.

It’s sad that corporations like Apple and Google succumb to and cater to China.  But at least in the trade discussions, there’s an understanding that China and other nations swap goods and services, albeit unfairly.  This isn’t the case with the NRDC and Earth Justice.  This is a foreign government funding a domestic policy group to influence legislators and policymakers to act in a way that benefits other nations OVER our national interest.

There are many groups who lobby in Washington, DC.  (Not Power the Future!).  Banking, Manufacturing. Guns. Abortion: every issue pays people to influence legislators and policymakers, but at least in those cases, they are, or should be, funded by Americans debating ideas, not a foreign nation masquerading as an American interest group promoting Chinese interests.

Green groups are the puppets of China and Russia- two countries that have every interest in preventing America from continuing its path of international energy dominance.  It’s logical China and Russia would fund these groups.  It’s actually a smart move on their part.  It’s a smart move on Congress’s part to make these groups register as foreign agents.  They don’t have America’s interests at heart.

And they never will.  Despite what they say, despite the pictures of polar bears and flowing rivers, remember this: NRDC, Earth Justice and many other groups are doing the bidding of America’s enemies.  And Power The Future, with 0.01% their budget, will always call them out.