The Pentagon Has Entered the Climate Change Chat

The Pentagon Has Entered the Climate Change Chat

December 9, 2022

Last month, the Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, and the General Services Administration proposed a rule requiring federal contractors to disclose and reduce their CO2 emissions and any climate financial risks. Understandably, the proposed rule is facing some criticism. 

The Wall Street Journal  Editorial Board explains the ruling:

“Smaller contractors would have to publicly report their so-called Scope 1 and 2 emissions—i.e., those they generate at their facilities and from the electricity and heating they use. Firms with larger contracts would also have to tabulate their upstream and downstream Scope 3 emissions, including those from customers, suppliers and products used in the field. For example, weapons manufacturers would have to quantify and disclose the amount of CO2 generated from their own facilities; manufacturers that produce steel, computer chips and motors used in their weapons; propellants and fuel; and even munition storage areas. It’s unclear if CO2 emissions will influence procurement decisions.”

President Biden and his administration have been sending money and military equipment to Ukraine and are now delaying production to please the eco-left.

“The rule-making claims that federal contractors will benefit from climate mandates by ‘“increasing senior management attention and funding for investing in GHG reduction projects.”’ Great. As the U.S. military faces strained budgets and growing threats, climate will be a costly new priority in national defense.” 

The proposed rule warns of how influential the green movement has become. They have shown they are willing to put our national security at risk in the name of “climate change.” This administration’s obsession with pleasing the eco-left will leave our country weak. We must become energy independent again and ensure the security of American families.