The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

July 29, 2019

Founded in 1950, The Nature Conservancy has grown to become one of the most influential and connected environmental groups. But behind the scenes, the Nature Conservancy is steeped in hypocrisy and under fire for sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

Hypocrites Who Support The Green New Deal

The Nature Conservancy has issued support for those fighting for the “Green New Deal,” even though the plan’s extreme emissions targets could cost the economy $15 trillion in lost GDP and cause a loss of 1.1 million jobs per year. The “Green New Deal” would eliminate America’s energy industry as we know it, and threaten jobs in coal, oil and natural gas.

The Nature Conservancy’s support for those fighting for the “Green New Deal” is made hypocritical by the fact that the group has made money themselves from oil. The New York Times reported in 2014 that the group earned money from an oil well on land it controlled in Texas, despite the group publicly opposing oil and gas drilling on conservation land.

Sexual Harassment And Workplace Discrimination

In addition to its hypocritical business practices, The Nature Conservancy has come under fire for its toxic work environment. Several top executives, including the organization’s President and CEO, were forced to resign after an investigation revealed sexual harassment, workplace misconduct, and a culture that made “it difficult for women to thrive,” POLITICO reports.

Female employees revealed an organization with a “good ole boys club” and a “Wall Street culture” that hindered their advancement. Several high-ranking women even left over “maltreatment and gender discrimination,” reported POLITICO.

Staff complained “for years” about the organizations’ Caribbean office head, who was accused of “making uncomfortable comments to women and using racial and homophobic slurs.” Another woman accused an executive of unwelcome kissing, E&E News reports.

Top Staff

Jim Asp – Chief Development Officer

David Banks – Interim Chief Conservation Officer

Giulio Boccaletti – Chief Strategy Officer

Larry Bond – Interim Chief Information Officer

Sally Jewell – Interim Chief Executive Officer

Richard Loomis – Chief Marketing Officer

Leonard Williams – Chief Finance Officer

I Ling Thompson – Managing Director, Global Communications

Lynn Scarlett – Vice President, Policy And Government Relations

Wisla Heneghan – Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel