The Irony of Biden and King Charles Meeting

The Irony of Biden and King Charles Meeting

July 12, 2023

This week, President Biden and King Charles met to discuss climate issues ahead of the NATO summit. The King is now primarily a ceremonial position in the United Kingdom and lacks any enforcement power to implement any climate policy, which makes one wonder why they met at all. President Biden was of course accompanied by his climate czar John Kerry.

Daniel Turner, founder of Power The Future, stated: 

“From bans on gas stoves to mandated transitions to electric cars, President Biden has been acting like a monarch in pursuit of his environmental fantasy, so today’s meeting with King Charles makes perfect sense. Never one to miss a foreign photo-op, it’s fitting John Kerry will also be tagging along, while he ignores requests to appear before Congress at home.  Aging wealthy figureheads plotting to condemn their counties to perpetual poverty from one of their many staffed estates is the perfect encapsulation of Biden’s presidency and priorities.  Our country would be better off with bans on fossil fools like Joe Biden.”

As the United States is facing some of the highest energy prices in decades, Biden’s green technology obsession is being felt by the everyday American. As he continues to pursue this radical agenda and broadcast it on the world stage, the American economy will continue to feel the effects. The economic and environmental impact of flying Biden and his staff around the world, which burned at least 18,000 gallons of fuel just from America to the UK, truly displays the hypocrisy and irony of the Biden Administration.