The Hypocrisy of John Kerry’s Luxury Climate Crusade

The Hypocrisy of John Kerry’s Luxury Climate Crusade

February 23, 2023

President Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry’s recent visit to a luxurious five-star island resort in the Bahamas is the latest example of the hypocrisy of the eco-left when it comes to the climate. Kerry’s three-day trip was aimed at advancing international cooperation among nations particularly vulnerable to the climate crisis, the State Department said. However, the lavish opening ceremony held at the Atlantis Paradise Island was far from being environmentally friendly.

Free Beacon reports, “While Kerry routinely argues that Americans have an “obligation” to “confront” climate change, his Caribbean soirée is by no means environmentally friendly. A flight from Washington, D.C., to Nassau spans nearly 1,000 miles and emits on average more than 53,000 pounds of carbon. Atlantis Paradise Island also uses diesel power plants to fuel its energy grid and spends more than $85 million annually on electricity alone, according to consulting firm Filament Energy. The resort’s marina accommodates 240-foot yachts, which burn through thousands of dollars of fuel per hour. Kerry, a former Massachusetts senator, for years owned a yacht of his own, which he docked in Rhode Island to avoid paying $500,000 in taxes. Kerry listed the yacht for sale for $3.9 million in 2016.”

Power the Future’s founder and executive director, Daniel Turner called Kerry out saying it’s “remarkable that the battle for climate change always happens in five-star luxurious resorts.” Turner went on to mention Kerry’s history of attending international climate conferences in luxurious locations, such as the Four Seasons in Sharm El Sheikh and luxury mountainside resorts in Davos.

Kerry’s carbon footprint should also be a red flag for climate groups. From March 2021 to June 2022, he flew nearly 200,000 miles, which produced 9.54 million pounds of carbon, roughly 300 times the average American’s carbon footprint for an entire year. Kerry’s trip to the Bahamas and his subsequent travel to Munich, Germany, will emit approximately 260,000 pounds of carbon.

John Kerry continues to be the poster child of hypocrisy. Our leaders are expected to lead by example, but the elite eco-left leaders seem to think they get a pass. Kerry needs to put his money where his mouth is and practice what he preaches.