The Human Toll of Green Activism

The Human Toll of Green Activism

July 28, 2018

The Associated Press put out a terrible story today… and for the people of Farmington, New Mexico and the entire San Juan County, it’s devastating news.  Thanks to the activism of groups like San Juan Citizens Alliance and the Mike Bloomberg-funded campaign by The Sierra Club, Farmington is headed for financial ruin.

Why? Because these eco-radical groups have successfully achieved the closure of the Four Corners Coal Plant.  That means “a loss of $2 million in property tax revenue to the college’s budget, as well as $300,000 in training contracts and $116,000 in scholarships” in addition to jobs.

And jobs means life… they mean independence, providing for a family, building a life and a future.

“But…but… the earth”.  Easy for these activists to say.  They aren’t about to lose their job or their education funding.  In fact, their patrons like Tom Steyer will probably give them a bonus for achieving a green “victory”.  But at what a price.

What is more valuable than human life?  What is more valuable than family?  The callousness with which these groups target local areas and destroy lives is an abomination.

It is un-American.

We’ve documented the ongoing collapse of Farmington on our site, and this news confirms our findings.

Shame on Sierra Club. Shame on San Juan Citizens Alliance.  Shame on the billionaires Bloomberg and Steyer for funding such life-crushing activities.

And to you, people of the area, energy workers, energy-dependent families, Navajo Nation who will be laid off: Power The Future was created to help give you a voice.  We don’t have Sierra Club’s $100+ million budget, but what we have, we give on your behalf.

You deserve better.