The Green New Deal Is Still Too Expensive

The Green New Deal Is Still Too Expensive

October 16, 2019

Environmental leftists and the cadre of candidates running for President continue to push the Green New Deal, despite hard data showing the plan is doomed to fail and cost Americans an arm and a leg. To this end, the Competitive Enterprise Institute ran ads during the Democratic Debate Tuesday calling out the cost of the Green New Deal since none of the candidates seem willing to do so.

PJ Media reports:

“You have a choice,” the ad begins. “Common-sense energy policies. Under forty dollars to fill a car. Low gas prices, easy to visit family, run errands, grow a business.”

“The other option?” the narrator continues. “Alarmism. Doomsday predictions from politicians. A so-called Green New Deal. The truth is: Skyrocketing gas prices and electric bills; the economy, strangled; government in every part of life.”

As the narrator describes this situation, the screen flashes with images of gas sold at high prices and the American Action Forum’s estimate for the cost of the Green New Deal as proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.): a whopping $93 trillion.

“When you hear about the Green New Deal, ask yourself: Can you afford it?”

CEI is right, and we have the numbers to prove it. Power the Future conducted a report delving into the cost of the Green New Deal. In order to even calculate the astronomical and unrealistic cost of the Green New Deal, we could only evaluate a few of the policy proposals in a limited number of states. Even still, the numbers are startling.

Americans in the five states we examined can expect to shell out over $70,000 per household in the first year alone. This incredible figure doesn’t include some of the Green New Deal’s most farfetched elements, such as paying those unwilling to work. Clearly, the environmental leftists need to take a look at the numbers and have a reality check.  

For more information on the cost of the Green New Deal, check out the full report.