The Green Army Gets Its Marching Orders From Tom Steyer

The Green Army Gets Its Marching Orders From Tom Steyer

October 26, 2018

Yet another far-left environmental group is hard at work to kill jobs and attack Louisiana’s job creators, and it turns out their connections to the worst parts of the environmental left run deep.

The Green Army is a pet project of the Sierra Club, environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer’s vehicle to push his radical policies on the rest of the country. The Green Army sticks with the military lingo. They say they are creating an “alliance” of green groups to “enlist” activists who can make noise for their cause in Louisiana.

They were founded with the help of the well-funded Sierra Club, whose policies are as extreme as they are unrealistic. The Sierra Club is bought and paid for by Tom Steyer, the liberal billionaire who is pouring millions into liberal campaign coffers ahead of the midterm elections.

So if you’re tempted to think the Green Army is a grassroots effort to fight for responsible policies  — don’t.

They are continuing the environmentalist tradition of militant activists whose zeal is without consideration for the economic devastation they create. If the Sierra Club and their projects like the Green Army had their way, the American energy industry would be wiped off the map, and countless energy workers would be out of a job.

So it seems safe to say the eco-left has declared a war on jobs.