The Eco-Left Is Ignoring Scientific Advancements In Conventional Energy

The Eco-Left Is Ignoring Scientific Advancements In Conventional Energy

September 25, 2019

The eco-left says that the only way to reduce carbon emissions is by top-down government control, banning fossil fuels, and putting solar panels and windmills everywhere – no matter the economic, social, and environmental costs of using child labor to extract the needed rare earth elements around the world.

But as the Washington Examiner points out, the eco-left is ignoring scientific and free-market advancements in conventional fuels.

“Fortunately, an existing solution can already curtail greenhouse gas emissions without destroying the world’s primary reliable means of generating electricity,” the Washington Examiner explains.

“A company called NET Power has been testing a prototype natural gas power plant in La Porte, Texas, a few miles southeast of Houston. The power plant uses a technology called the Allam Cycle which, instead of emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, uses it to turn electrical turbines. The power plant sequesters excess carbon dioxide for later sale to customers who can use the gas to create a variety of products.”

This is a major technological advancement in clean natural gas – why is the media at large not talking about this? Why are environmentalists not praising this technology and working to implement it at scale?

It’s because they don’t care about science – they care about supporting Big Green and their donors. It’s because they’re fixated on technologies that don’t work and ignoring those that do.

“Another company called 8 River Energy,” reports the Washington Examiner, “is developing its own carbon capture plant that burns gasified coal. The effort faces serious but not insurmountable challenges to getting to a pollution-free way of generating electricity from coal.”

More technological advancements, and more silence from the eco-left.

We can support energy workers, American energy dominance, and care for the environment. It’s not a binary choice, as long we allow for technological development and an equal energy playing field.