The Eco-Left Attacks One of Their Own

The Eco-Left Attacks One of Their Own

April 30, 2020

Michael Moore, a longtime champion of Bernie Sanders and the progressive left, has come under fire this week after his new documentary, Planet of the Humans, unveiled unflattering truths about the renewable energy industry. Ignoring his years of work on their behalf, the radical left continues to cannibalize itself, making Moore a target and calling for censorship of the film.

For years, electric cars have been touted as effective alternatives to gas guzzlers, but little attention has been paid to where the energy comes from to charge these so-called green cars. In an excerpt of Moore’s documentary compiled by Sky News Australia, Peter Lark, a member of the Lansing Board of Water and Light, describes the source of the energy as “about 95 percent coal.”

He went on to say, “to suggest that all of the power used for these cars will be generated from wind and solar, in the very near future, would not be correct.”

The manufacturing of solar panels and other green technologies also share many of the environmental impacts of fossil fuels so derided by the eco-left. The creation of silicon, for example, produces large amounts of CO2 by combining coal and quartz in a furnace. Ozzie Zenner, founder of Green Illusions, describes the situation, “one of the most dangerous things right now is the illusion that alternative technologies, like wind and solar, are somehow different from fossil fuels.”

The contradictory, hypocritical nature of environmental radicals has always been the movement’s biggest weakness. There can be no real progress when the belief structure is so rigid; but real progress has never truly been the goal – just the appearance of progress, enough to claim superiority over the masses. While coastal elites bathe in their self-righteousness, real Americans just want to provide the best future possible for their children.

Alternative energy has always been about politics, not science. There is simply no other way to rationalize the complete denial of any dissent or competing data. Self-delusion has become the dominant dogma of the Democratic party.

As Michael Moore can attest, even a toe out of line can turn a progressive leader into a leper. Incapable of introspection, the eco-left can only to attack, with little distinction between internal and external targets. Everyone knows not to bite the hand that feeds them, except the radical enviros, who cannot even refrain from attacking their own.