The Biden Administration’s Energy Gift to China

The Biden Administration’s Energy Gift to China

March 24, 2023

President Joe Biden and the eco-left have been crying for “clean energy” investments and production for years. But time and time again, this administration blocks American producers from mining and developing the rare earth minerals needed to achieve those goals. For example, the Biden Administration announced they were banning access to over 514,000 acres of land in Nevada this week. Blocking access to critical minerals such as lithium weakens the United States but strengthens countries like China.

Carrie Sheffield writes in the New York Post,

Blocking the critical mineral mining required to meet Biden’s “clean energy” goals denies reality — the mining infrastructure isn’t there. China dominates, with around 80% of the market for mining these minerals, and undermines human rights to do so, through child and slave labor.

Sheffield continues,

“By the way, “clean energy” requires minerals mined using acid drainage, wastewater runoff and other environmentally sensitive factors, a big reason US resources have gone untapped.”

Not only does this decision block development and access to rare earth minerals, but it also kills American jobs and is a gift to the Chinese Communist Party. We need our leaders to support American energy and jobs and this administration has shown time and time again they are at war with our energy sector. 

“While Biden forces our taxpayers to shell out $369 billion on his green fantasy on the one hand, he’s shutting off American lands from mining the critical minerals required for those very devices on the other,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “Stopping American mining is akin to cutting a check to the Chinese Communist Party. This is Joe Biden’s ‘America Last’ energy policy at its absolute worst. If you like the idea of an ascendant China running roughshod over the world with their spy balloons and missiles, you’ll love Biden’s green future.”

Power The Future has released two studies highlighting China’s planned dominance in the rare-earth minerals that are required for green technology: