The Biden Administration Won’t Stop Until We All Drive Electric Vehicles

The Biden Administration Won’t Stop Until We All Drive Electric Vehicles

August 4, 2023

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced a new proposal for fuel efficiency standards for passenger cars and light trucks. The Biden Administration claims this will save Americans money, but it will increase car prices. 

The Wall Street Journal reports,

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday proposed new fuel-economy standards for model years 2027 to 2032, regulating how far vehicles in the U.S. must travel on a gallon of fuel. Automakers would have to sell a portfolio of light-duty cars and trucks averaging 58 miles a gallon by 2032, up from the 49 miles a gallon now required in model year 2026.”

It is important to note that the person spearheading these efforts is Ann Carlson, who could not get past a Senate confirmation due to her past climate activism. Seeing as the Biden Administration could not secure Carlson’s confirmation, there is no reason for her to be rolling out aggressive regulations that would affect households nationwide.

“Earlier this year, the Biden administration withdrew its nomination of Carlson as NHTSA’s administrator after Republicans raised concerns about her past statements on using the agency’s car regulations to advance the president’s climate change agenda.” 

The NHTSA rule comes just a few months after the Environmental Protection Agency’s new vehicle emission standards. Both are a complete overreach from the Biden Administration. While these regulations may operate under the disguise of helping consumers save money, we know the real reason is to force electric vehicles on the American people.