The Biden Administration is Coming For Your Washing Machine

The Biden Administration is Coming For Your Washing Machine

March 15, 2023

President Biden and his administration cannot keep their hands out of our homes. From cars to kitchen appliances and now washing machines, this administration wants to place unnecessary regulations that will make machines less efficient and raise costs overall. 

Fox News reports,  

‘Last month, President Biden’s Department of Energy proposed new efficiency standards for washing machines that require new appliances to use considerably less water, all in an effort to “confront the global climate crisis.” Leading industry corporations have voiced their opinion on the rule, claiming the mandates force manufacturers to reduce cleaning performance to ensure their machines comply. As the Washington Free Beacon described it, “each cycle will take longer, the detergent will cost more, and in the end, the clothes will be less clean,” according to manufacturers.’

This is just the latest example of overreach from Biden and the eco-left. For years, they have gone after cars and, recently, attacked household appliances. 

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers argued that the Energy Department’s washing machine regulations “would have a disproportionate, negative impact on low-income households” by eliminating cheaper appliances from the market. The Energy Department estimates that manufacturers will incur nearly $700 million in conversion costs to transition to the new machines.

Consumers have a right to purchase the items that work best for their households. This administration needs to stay out of our homes. Biden and his eco-left followers should focus on making the U.S. energy independent again rather than worrying about what is in the homes of the American people.