The Average Price for a Gallon of Gas in California is $6.29

The Average Price for a Gallon of Gas in California is $6.29

October 3, 2022

Over the Summer, we saw firsthand how Joe Biden’s ridiculous war on American energy was spiking gasoline prices. We hit all-time price record highs across the nation. While those gas prices have dropped slightly since June, they are still very expensive. In California, however, gasoline prices are still jaw dropping. 

The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes, “The average gas price in the Golden State this week surged to $6.29 a gallon—$2.50 more than the national average.” The reason, the Journal continues, is Governor Gavin Newsom’s punishing energy regulations and taxes. 

The Journal editorial board writes, “California gas prices have long been higher than the national average owing to hefty fuel taxes and climate regulations, but the difference now is the largest in at least two decades. Taxes add about 66 cents to the price of a gallon, about twice as much on average as other states. California’s cap-and-trade program and low-carbon fuel standard add roughly another 46 cents a gallon.” 

Gavin Newsom and his progressive allies continue to push punishing climate regulations and energy taxes. These staggering price hikes are regressive and hurt the poorest Californians the most. People in California are paying more than double what people in Texas are paying for a gallon of gas. And they’re paying for it in the name of climate change.