The Arrogance of New Mexico’s Eco-Left Now On Full Display

The Arrogance of New Mexico’s Eco-Left Now On Full Display

December 6, 2019

If anyone wanted to get an idea of the arrogance of New Mexico’s eco-left, they need look no further than the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club.

In an op-ed published in today’s Albuquerque Journal, former Mayor of Santa Fe David Coss writes in support of the Energy Transition Act, also known as New Mexico’s “mini green new deal.” Coss and the Sierra Club are perfectly open about their desire to put New Mexicans out of work:

“San Juan County residents can see the start of a just transition if the San Juan coal plant closes and is cleaned up and renewables are built.”

Keep in mind, whenever eco-extremists use the phrase “just transition” it is because it sounds much better than the truth: job-killing. The phrase “just transition” is part of the new buzzwords the eco-left has developed to make themselves feel better about hurting New Mexico’s families.

However, not to worry, they’ve thought of everything:

“ETA opponents have never offered an alternative that would provide anywhere near the $40 million the law provides for workers and the impacted community.”

The arrogance of such a statement is mind-boggling. Their “just transition” is perfectly acceptable because they are taking millions from the taxpayers.

Just to be clear to the Sierra Club, the opponents of the ETA have indeed offered an alternative to the controversial bill: jobs.

And that’s something the Sierra Club will never offer.

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