Thank You, President Trump, For Low Gas Prices

Thank You, President Trump, For Low Gas Prices

January 3, 2019

America is ringing in the New Year with a big win for our wallets – low gas prices. In nine states, the average price for a gallon of gasoline recently fell below $2. It’s the lowest level in two years.

President Trump lauded the news earlier this week, tweeting that, “Gas prices are low and expected to go down this year. This would be good!”

The President is right, and the pro-energy policies he has implemented since taking office are responsible for much of the drop in gas prices.

Unlike his predecessor, President Trump believes in unleashing America’s energy potential. That’s why he has worked to cut regulations and increase oil production. Under Trump, America became a net exporter of oil for the first time in decades.

U.S. shale production has become a “juggernaut,” allowing America to end the year as the top crude producer in the world, ahead of Saudi Arabia and Russia. Oil prices are low worldwide in part because of America’s increasing production levels, and prices are expected to stay low because we continue to fill the market with cheap, high-quality gasoline.

In other words, American consumers and businesses alike are winning again thanks to President Trump and his pro-energy policies.