Texas Oil and Gas Industry Continues to Add More Jobs

Texas Oil and Gas Industry Continues to Add More Jobs

September 24, 2021

It is always good to end the week on a positive note and Texas is helping us do just that. The Texas oil and gas industry added 2,800 jobs in the month of August, this is the fourth straight month of job growth in the sector. 

The Houston Chronicle discusses the positive trend in Texas:

The state’s upstream sector has recovered 19,700 jobs since employment bottomed out a year ago, about a third of the 60,000 jobs lost during the pandemic last year. The state has 178,500 drilling and extraction workers, according to data from the Texas Workforce Commission and analyzed by the Texas Oil and Gas Association, an industry trade group.

“Oil and natural gas jobs pay among the highest wages in Texas, so job growth in this sector not only bolsters our economy and energy security, but also has a tremendous, positive impact for thousands of Texas families,” TXOGA President Todd Staples said in a statement. “Every direct oil and natural gas job in Texas generates an additional 3 jobs elsewhere in the state’s economy.”

Even with the recent Covid spike and Congress trying to shut down the oil and gas sector every chance they get, industry leaders are confident that oil and gas is not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Oil and natural gas demand is poised to surge over the next six to 12 months, despite a temporary slowdown due to the delta variant,” said Ed Longanecker, president of TIPRO. “Bullish fundamentals set up oil prices and the industry for strong returns over the next few years, which will have a positive impact on industry employment and economic growth for our state and country.” 

The oil and gas industry has shown time and time again that it is resilient and reliable. Despite the never-ending back lash from the eco-left. The industry is crucial to our economy, workforce, and national security and the sectors growth in Texas comes as welcome news.