Terrorist/BLM Director Visits Alaska, Meets Only With Anti-Jobs Groups

Terrorist/BLM Director Visits Alaska, Meets Only With Anti-Jobs Groups

June 5, 2023

Admitted tree spiker and domestic terrorist Tracy Stone-Manning, whose current job as Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was somehow authorized by the U.S. Senate, was in Alaska this past week.

Stone-Manning didn’t come to the state to authorize a new project, and certainly wasn’t here to help grow jobs, raise domestic revenues or help create domestic supply-chain certainty.

Instead, she spent her time in Interior Alaska, meeting with groups and individuals opposed to the Ambler Access Project (AAP), a 211-mile road that would connect the Dalton Highway with a Congressionally-authorized mining district to the northwest.

Stone-Manning certainly heard from the groups she met with how the AAP would harm rural subsistence areas, even though that line of complaint was summarily dismissed during the NEPA process that led to the road’s approval in 2020, before being put on administrative review by the Biden Administration in mid-2021.  That review was supposed to have been completed by the end of 2022, but has now been delayed until mid-2024.

Through lawsuits and a campaign of fear, groups, including the Tanana Chiefs Conference, Defend Brooks Range and the Brooks Range Council, have argued the road to resources would cause more problems than it would produce.  They ignore the Congressional approval of both the basic route and the authorization of the mining district itself, banking on the fact that Stone-Manning and the legions of eco-centric career employees at BLM, the Department of Interior and others will continue to delay and obstruct the project.

With Stone-Manning meeting only with the anti-road activists during her trip, they might be right, and the eco-terrorist may not be done harming America and Alaska’s energy workers.