TAKE ACTION: Fight Back Against Desperate, Scandal-Plagued Eco-Groups

Extreme eco-activists at Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) are spreading misinformation about the Energy Transition act in an attempt to distract from a major scandal.

CVNM claims that the Energy Transition Act (ETA) will not cost jobs or damage New Mexico’s economy. But the truth is that the ETA is a backdoor carbon tax. It raises electricity rates by forcing the state to use higher-cost energy sources, instead of inexpensive conventional energy. It will force you to pay higher fees for no better service, and experts estimate that “green” energy mandates could even double electric bills on families.

Why is the CVNM so scared right now? Because they want to distract you from investigative reports that found that New Mexico’s Energy Secretary colluded with eco-groups, including her former employer, to draft the bill that would guarantee those same groups taxpayer-enshrined revenue streams. Our investigation prompted one New Mexico Legislative leader to call for her resignation. It is crony capitalism at its worst.

CVNM wants you to forget about how the ETA is the very definition of insider, pay-to-play politics.

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