Super Bowl Thoughts – and How They Reflect on America’s Energy Situation

Super Bowl Thoughts – and How They Reflect on America’s Energy Situation

February 8, 2021

If you’d have asked the ‘experts’ the last two weeks who would likely win Sunday’s Super Bowl, you’d have heard quotes like:

“Patrick Mahomes is too good at such a young age.  Tom Brady doesn’t have enough to beat the young gun.”

“Kansas City is the ‘it’ team.  Tampa is a much more veteran team, but youth will beat experience.”

“Tampa and Brady can’t keep up with the incredible potential of the Chiefs.  Mahomes is the ‘new G.O.A.T’ (greatest of all time), and he’ll beat Brady, who is definitely the ‘old G.O.A.T.’, but past his prime.”

But sometimes, the ‘experts’ are wrong.  Very wrong.

A 31-9 shellacking of the “too good to be beat” Chiefs by the veteran-laden Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV showed that the shiny new toy isn’t always better than the consistent, older one.

As the game unfolded, my thoughts turned to the last few weeks under the Biden Administration, as he and his team have stressed that:

“Green energy is too good for the Earth to not focus on.  Traditional energy doesn’t have enough positives to offset the benefits of the new solutions.”

“Renewables are the ‘it’ way to move forward.  Fossil fuels have worked, but can’t keep up with renewables moving forward.”

“Climate change can’t be offset unless we ‘just transition’ to renewables.  Wind and solar are the best ways to power America, and it’s so much better than traditional energy, which is definitely past its prime.”

The fact is, our world still needs oil, gas, coal and other traditional forms of energy.  Aside from providing a majority of our power across this country, petroleum-based products are found in nearly every facet of our lives. Wind, solar, nuclear and tidal energy may one day provide a reliable way to power our lives, they haven’t reached the level being ‘the answer’.

Much like Tom Brady and the Bucs beat Mahomes and the Chiefs on Sunday, traditional energy still is the champion of power.

It is too bad that Biden, the eco-Left and naïve, bought-and-paid-for politicians refuse to acknowledge traditional energy’s dominance.