Stupid Judges

Stupid Judges

April 24, 2018

The number one killer in America is heart disease, accounting for nearly 25% of all deaths annually.

The only solution is confiscating unhealthy foods, and if that means breaking into homes, violating private property rights, and stealing from private citizens, so be it.


The number one killer of teens in America is car accidents. Every year thousands of teens die as either drivers or passengers while politicians sit idly by.

There is only one solution: yup, you guessed it. Confiscate the cars. We must go into homes, and rip the car keys from teenager’s hands. This is more important than property rights, individual liberty or personal need. LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

Clearly, according to this flawed logic, you could justify any action based on subjective moral principle. So when a Minnesota judge recently ruled in favor of the “activists” who shut down a pipeline, the American justice system and the American economy was the real loser.  Ends don’t justify means- at least that’s what every ethics class teaches. But in the hyper political area of “Climate change,” the left justifies any action be it illegal, dangerous, or hypocritical.

Hypocritical? Yes – because these activists claim a moral high ground, yet use the very energy flowing through this pipeline to shut it down. I bet their Minnesota homes had heat. And their cars have gas. And last time I was in Minnesota during winter there wasn’t much growing, so their food came from somewhere else.

Civil disobedience is a noble exercise in our democracy to highlight injustices. But when you benefit from, use, and exploit the very fruit of what you protest, you are a hypocrite.

Sadly, the activist Judge is too blinded by politics to execute justice fairly. When will he should make sure Minnesota teens don’t have cars or Minnesota adults don’t have unhealthy food… the police should just confiscate both! But that would be illegal, and the perpetrators, despite their intentions, would be arrested and tried.

“But your honor, LIVES ARE AT STAKE!” Let’s see how he decides then.