Study: The Liberal Threat to American Energy Dominance

Study: The Liberal Threat to American Energy Dominance

March 22, 2021

President Joe Biden was inaugurated at a time when the Democratic Party has been taken over by progressives with a deep disdain for America’s energy industry. Unfortunately, judging by his behavior on the campaign trail, Biden is susceptible to pressure from these progressives.

Before this new Administration has the ability to introduce even more policies that will greatly impact our energy industry, it is worth looking back at all that the Trump Administration accomplished on these issues.

Power The Future’s new study explores how the Trump Administration fought and accomplished much for American energy in these areas:

  • Reversing the Damage of the Obama/Biden Era
  • Accelerating Domestic Energy Production
  • Creating Energy Jobs
  • Establishing American Energy Dominance
  • Adding Value to the American Economy
  • Global Leadership in the Emissions Reductions
  • Overcoming Unforeseen Challenges

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