STUDY: Just One Plank Of Green New Deal Costs Over $2,500 Per Family

STUDY: Just One Plank Of Green New Deal Costs Over $2,500 Per Family

May 9, 2019

Do you have $2,500 lying around that you don’t need? How about $2,500 every year?

Apparently the eco-extremists backing the Green New Deal think you do because just one part of their plan would require you to fork over an extra $2,500 per year.

That’s the finding of a new study from the American Action Forum. They examined the cost of “decarbonizing” the power sector, just one plank of the Green New Deal.

The American Action Forum found that moving the U.S. to 100 percent clean energy in just 10 years would cost a whopping $5 trillion.

“The total net difference in annual costs, assuming a 20-year capital recovery for new assets, would be $321 billion annually, or $2,546 per household every year,” AAF’s energy policy director explained.

Don’t forget – this is just one aspect of the Green New Deal. The $2,500 per year price tag does not include the plan’s government takeover of healthcare or guaranteed income even if you don’t work, among other ridiculous spending proposals.

The Green New Deal makes no sense when you take even a second to consider its costs.

But cost doesn’t matter to the eco-left. They’d bankrupt every family if it meant they could implement their extreme agenda. Just look at the tens of thousands of coal miners out of work today thanks to the war on coal and the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign.