Study: 6 Steps for Long Term Energy Dominance

Study: 6 Steps for Long Term Energy Dominance

October 18, 2020

The Trump administration’s policy of “Energy Dominance” unleashed the power of America’s energy sector. Given a second term, President Trump has the ability to secure our energy independence for the foreseeable future, giving America untouchable leverage in international relations and provide economic prosperity for her citizens.

Power The Future’s new study: Long Term Energy Dominance: What the Trump Administration Needs to do in the Second Term to Strengthen America’s Energy Future explores exactly how President Trump can accomplish that goal by empowering the oil and gas industry. The study breaks down the value of a strong energy sector, the current landscape as the world slowly recovers from the COVID-caused economic downturn, and six concrete steps the administration can take to ensure energy dominance:

  1. Increase Energy Leasing of Public Lands
  2. Expand Offshore Exploration and Drilling
  3. Waive Marine Shipping Requirements on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
  4. Streamline Permitting for Energy Projects
  5. Cut Renewable Energy Subsidies
  6. Level the Playing Field Between American and Foreign Oil Imports

Small and midsized energy producers, the backbone of the fracking industry, were hit hard by the COVID-caused economic downturn. Market-friendly policies that level the playing field for these businesses will get our vast shale oil and gas resources working for America again while creating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs. It’s time to let energy do what it does best: get America moving.

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