Stopping Progress

Stopping Progress

March 15, 2018

We are all clean-water activists (Would anyone say they aren’t?). Just spend some time in the developing world where there is no access to clean water, and you will develop a deep respect and gratitude for the abundant clean water in America.

So let’s drop the “clean water activists” brand, but that’s what activists are calling themselves as they try to stop a pipeline being built in Maryland. Despite the overwhelming evidence that pipelines are much safer than trains or trucks, these folks are still opposed to it. We have to ask “why?”

Are they opposed to lower utility bills? Are they opposed to creating new jobs? Are the opposed to increasing tax revenue for the state and local coffers? Because those are the consequences of this activism. Power The Future was started to explain the real results of such activism, regardless of its intentions.

Groups that continue to oppose growth and opportunity need to be called out for shutting down progress. And if they don’t stop, they need to turn off their lights and stoves and hot water heaters. Because it’s pipelines, and pipeline workers, that give them the quality of life they enjoy at the end of a hard day of protesting progress.