February 27, 2019

We launched in 2018 to hold Tom Steyer accountable for the communities he and his fellow eco-activists have ruined.

Anti-energy policies have destroyed small towns all across America by taking away their industry, their source of personal income and their local tax revenue. A Steyerville is what’s left.

Once thriving communities that had prosperity and industry are reduced to unemployment. What follows is inevitable: poverty, welfare, depleted tax revenue, shrinking home value, increased drug use. Our research currently includes counties in Kentucky, New Mexico, New YorkOhio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, but this is just the start. There are many Steyervilles across the country, and we want to document them all.

Every family that has to split up to find a job, every school that has its budget cut, every unemployment check, every opioid overdose is the fruit of Steyerville. It’s what unchecked, unchallenged, misguided political ideology does to communities where political billionaires don’t buy summer homes or play golf. Roughly 85 years after branding destroyed communities “Hoovervilles”, we will give these towns an apropos name of their patron.

Visit to learn more about these towns and how they’ve been impacted.