States Push Back Against Biden’s Eco-Left Mandates

States Push Back Against Biden’s Eco-Left Mandates

January 19, 2024

President Biden’s administration has been riddled with executive orders and mandates. The latest mandate comes from the Federal Highway Administration on state greenhouse gas performance measures. 

The Townhall reports,

“Undeterred by pesky guardrails such as the U.S. Constitution, the Biden administration has plunged ahead with more “rules” levied by unaccountable bureaucrats in the vast federal administrative state. Among them is a rule from the Federal Highway Administration requiring state and local transportation and planning entities to create greenhouse gas reduction targets and report “tailpipe carbon” emissions data to the Biden administration, with a requirement for states to establish and report their targets by February 1.”

Kentucky’s new attorney general is leading 20 other states in pushing back on this federal mandate,

“President Biden’s radical climate crackdown is a direct assault on every Kentuckian’s wallet and the latest attempt to drive every gas-powered car off the road,” AG Coleman emphasized in a statement. “Our office is leading the fight to stop this Administration from raising costs for families, farmers and small business owners when they can least afford it,” he added of the rule that would force states to slash carbon emissions or face punishment from federal authorities.”

Last week, we saw how states pushed back and won. In 2024, we hope this pattern continues, and we see more states pushing back on the Biden administration’s unconstitutional eco-left mandates.